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Trojan Batteries

Trojan Battery Company has become the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle Solar and Motive batteries. With a broad range of energy storage solutions that include deep-cycle flooded, AGM, Gel, and lithium batteries. Trojan has shaped the world of deep-cycle battery technology with close to 100 years of battery manufacturing experience.

Trojan's name is synonymous with the highest level of quality. The iconic maroon batteries are the batteries of choice in the markets we serve. We stand behind the quality of our products with some of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties.


Trojan batteries are used in the following applications:




Top aerial work platform/MEWP manufacturers and equipment rental companies know Trojan deep-cycle batteries deliver reliable power for the most demanding equipment, operating in the harshest conditions.

From scissor lifts to virtually most aerial lift applications, you can count on Trojan Battery to outperform the competition.


Floor Machines:


In an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly, a reliable power source is extremely important.

Top floor scrubber and sweeper manufacturers, as well as maintenance companies, trust Trojan’s deep-cycle batteries to deliver reliable power for uninterrupted operation of their floor cleaning equipment.  Follow their lead and replace your batteries with Trojan deep-cycle battery products. They’ll give you the power to shine!


Golf and Utility Vehicles / NEV Batteries:


Built to deliver superior performance, durability, and reliability, these batteries utilize the highest quality components and meet the challenges of the toughest, hilliest courses in the world.

Durability, reliability, and proven technology mean you can depend on Trojan batteries for consistent performance day in and day out.


Renewable Energy Batteries:


Renewable energy installations are rapidly growing around the world. From fully autonomous off-grid buildings in the world’s most affluent regions to luxury eco-resorts in exotic but remote areas, to the more than 1.6 billion people in the developing world who lack consistent access to the electric grid, obtaining and utilizing clean reliable energy is now an achievable reality of daily life.

As the leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan Battery Company believes in providing clean and reliable energy storage solutions that enhance the way people live and work around the world.


Marine / RV Batteries:


The lure of the great outdoors on a lake or the open road, Trojan batteries can get you where you want to go.

Trolling the lake for the prize-winning bass, driving cross country for the annual RV rally, hauling your gear for a weekend of camping or sailing the ocean on a breezy summer’s day … whatever your passion, nothing brings you closer to the great outdoors than enjoying it from your favorite boat or RV. Since 1925, Trojan’s deep-cycle batteries have met the demands of recreational boaters and RV enthusiasts.


Oil and Gas Batteries:


When it Comes to Oil and Gas, Trojan’s Maintenance-Free Batteries

Keep the Industry Pumping

Maintenance-free batteries are ideal for use in harsh operating environments and remote locations where the lack of infrastructure, such as electricity, requires a reliable, highly efficient power source.

Whether operating a solar-powered chemical injection pump, supporting remote SCADA monitoring, or powering lighting and surveillance equipment, Trojan batteries deliver maximum sustained performance. It increased the total energy output required by Oil and Gas applications over time.



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